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Replacing your windows is one of the best investments you can make into your home. A good time to start thinking about replacing your windows is if the window is airy or drafty, the window is fogging or icing over, or if the window stops functioning. Your windows might be functioning fine but you may still want to consider replacing them to help with fuel efficiency, which will reduce your energy bill.  TightSeal offers the best quality windows at a very reasonable price; the windows will be thicker then your average windows to increase the maximum heat retained to assist you in saving money.



A combination of three or more angled windows make up the iconic bay and bow window offering unique style and dimension to any home.

Add dimension to a home
More character
Can add seating around the window
Added light into your home


Available in a variety of geometric shape and colors, specialty windows add instant character to your home.

Energy Efficient
Add character to a space


Easy to open, sliders glide horizontally from side to side. The 2-lite slider has two sliding sash while the 3-lite slider offers two sliding sash on each side of a fixed picture window. The streamlined, contemporary profile allows more natural light

Classic Design
Good for airflow
Perfect for Replacing picture windows for more ventilation
Good for modern designs
Less Maintenance


Casement windows are easily opened with a crank outwards to the left or the right. This style of window provides open views and full ventilation. Casements also deliver superior energy efficiency and weather resistance.

Easy to Open
Energy Efficient
Good for Difficult to Reach Areas
Escape Windows for Firecodes


The ever popular window style, double hung windows are preferred by many homeowners because they are so easy to clean due to an inward tilting sash. Double hung windows can be opened by lowering the top or raising the bottom sash.
Easy to Clean
Major airflow
Easy to Install
Saves Space